Driving Uber

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Uber Sign Up Bonus Los Angeles & Elsewhere

Best way to find out your bonus is to visit this sign-up link and see for yourself! Your Uber sign up bonus is based on the city that YOU (the new driver) sign up to drive. For example, if someone in Colorado sends you a code that says you’ll receive a guarantee of $640 but you’re signing up in Los Angeles which is currently a $470 guarantee, you will only be eligible for the Los Angeles incentive. Furthermore, referral bonuses change regularly in each city. So if you signed up last year, you may be grandfathered into a better sign up Uber driver bonus than someone who signed up today. See what your current incentive is by signing up!

How do referrals work? What is a referral guarantee? Bonus vs. Guarantee

There is a BIG difference between a bonus and a guarantee. If you received an Uber driver signup BONUS in Los Angeles or elsewhere, that money will be paid out to you ON TOP of the money you make during your trips. A guarantee means that after you complete a certain number of trips, Uber will supplement up to that dollar amount, but no more. For example, let’s say you signed up for a $470 guarantee after 75 trips. This means that after you complete those 75 trips, Uber will guarantee that you make at least $470. If you make anything under $470 – for example, let’s say you made $420 in those 75 trips – you will receive an extra $50 to hit the $470 guarantee. Guarantees are not as lucrative, and have caused a lot of confusion amongst drivers!

*If you’ve already signed up but forgot to put a code in, click here to show you how to retroactively add the code*

Moreover, If you’ve already signed up but forgot to put a code in, click here to show you how to retroactively add the code more meaningful information on how to be an Uber driver in Los Angeles and elsewhere.

Uber Requirements

Document Requirements

  1. In-state driver’s license
  2. In-state vehicle insurance with your name on the policy
  3. In-state license plate
  4. Current registration (commercial plates are fine)
  5. Driver photo (say cheese!)

Driver Requirements

  1. 21+ years old for UberX (driving people)
  2. 19+ years old for UberEATS food delivery (if UberEATS is available in your city)
  3. Pass a state and federal background check (criminal history and motor vehicle records)
  4. Have at least one year of driving experience in the U.S. (3 years if you are under 23 years old)

Car Requirements

  1. 4 doors***
  2. 5 seat belts including driver***
  3. Model year 2002 or newer***
  4. Clean title, cannot be salvaged***
  5. No commercial branding
  6. Pass a 19-point safety check at any of these Greenlight locations*** During the sign-up process, you’ll schedule an appointment, although walk-ins are welcome during their business hours.

*** = Except UberEATS

What is Uber?

Rider perspective – Uber is a safe, inexpensive, and convenient taxiing service. Riders enter their desired destination in the Uber Rider App and within minutes a driver is waiting for you outside to take you there. You can watch your driver en route in real-time so you’ll know exactly when they arrive.

Driver perspective – Uber pays you a certain amount per mile and per minute to use your own car to drive people around. You can work as little or as much as you’d like. You can also receive tips as well. Along the way, you get to learn more about your city and meet new people from all walks of life!

When did Uber start?

Uber launched in San Francisco, California in March of 2009 and now operates in 634+ cities in 77 countries (and counting!). Uber is currently valued at approximately $70 billion and is still a privately owned company.

How to become an Uber Driver Los Angeles

To know how to become an Uber Driver Los Angeles is simple! First sign up, then consent to the background check. After that, get your vehicle inspected at an Uber Greenlight Location. While you’re there at the Greenlight location, upload your insurance. The last step is to wait for the background check results! They will email you to the email you signed up with. While you’re waiting, download the Uber Driver App. If you pass the background check, you’re ready to start making money on the road!

How do I sign up to ride with Uber?

  • Sign up and download App

    To begin using Uber as a passenger you must first sign up to create your account. After registering, proceed to download & install the app on your iPhoneAndroid, or Windows phone. You can easily see how much any ride will cost without the app by using Uber’s Fare Estimate.

  • Start the App and login

    Once you have created your account and installed the app – start the app! Then you will see a login prompt where you can sign in with the credentials you already provided during sign up.

  • Enter payment method

    Next you will set up your preferred payment method such as a credit/debit card or by linking your PayPal account. *Paying for Uber rides is 100% cashless. You’ll only be charged when you ride.*

  • Take a ride

    Whenever you need a ride simply open up the Uber app on your phone and follow these steps:

    1. Make sure your pickup location is correct
    2. Select the car service you’d like (UberX, UberPOOL, UberSELECT, etc)
    3. Tap “Set Pickup Location”,
    4. Enter your destination address
    5. Confirm by tapping “Request”

      Remember that the best way to find out if you will pass or not is by SIGNING UP HERE.