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What is a Lyft Driver Bonus?

So you’ve got a nice car and that great smile of yours, all that’s missing is a little extra cash in your pocket driving with Lyft! There is now an amazing incentive offer for new Lyft drivers that rewards YOU with a cash bonus. The amount of bonus money that you can make depends on what city you’re in! Sometimes it’s a referral guarantee, sometimes it’s a per-trip bonus (up to a certain amount of rides) The best way to find out your driver bonus is to sign up today and see for yourself.

You would be driving anyways! Why not make some money in the process? Not only will you be earning more money by driving with Lyft, but you are also receiving a nice bonus amount PER TRIP (or referral guarantee) on top of it. Lyft’s incentive is that they have more drivers available to pick up and drop off their riders!

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Where Can I Find the Lyft Driver Sign-Up?

Get started right now – it’s super simple!  Don’t forget to use the Lyft referral code HAMZA66064 (OR HERE). You won’t receive your Lyft referral bonus without that code! I don’t want you to miss out! Depending on your driving location you can get up to a Lyft 1000 bonus or more.

The Lyft referral bonus is an amazing program for both Lyft and its drivers. It truly is a no-brainer, and a surefire way to amplify your earnings to help you realize your goals much faster.

You can also drive Lyft part-time or full-time! You are in complete control of how little or how much you’d like to drive.

Best Lyft Driver Code: HAMZA66064
Sign up here to Drive Lyft. Best Lyft Driver Code: HAMZA66064

Bonus Lyft Tips for you

Before you begin to drive for Lyft, there are some important things for you to consider during the application process.  The sooner you sign up, the quicker Lyft can begin your free background check. Once you sign up, this can take 3-10 business for the results to hit your email.

You must pass the Lyft background check in order to go to the next step. Sometimes additional steps in the background check process are required. Sometimes the State needs more info, sometimes Federal needs more info. Either way, don’t panic! This is a very normal thing to happen. It just means they need more information from you to continue the free background check. You can relax, most people do pass this part. However, if you have a DUI or any severe criminal history, most of the time you will not pass. Make sure and check your email regularly in the event they request any further info from you.

The next tip I have is to figure out if you are required to get your vehicle inspected. After you sign up, Lyft will tell you if this is the case or not. Most of the time Lyft accepts cars that are 15 years old are newer. If it’s older than that, Lyft will not allow that vehicle.

Buy a good phone mount for your cell phone! In my previous blog, I go over exactly what the best phone mounts are that won’t break the bank. It is very important to be safe and secure while on the road. You don’t want to hold your phone in your hand, lap, or cup holder. It can be perceived as unprofessional and potentially frighten your riders – leading to potential low ratings.

Another tip is to make sure to carefully read over the Terms of Service, and any other Terms & conditions that are provided to you at Lyft Driver sign-up. I know it can be boring, but taking the time and reading through them could answer the millions of questions you feel may be unanswered. Signing up to drive for Lyft is one of the most freeing, and rewarding things you can do, so don’t worry about these small hurdles! You got this!

Once you use the driver sign up bonuses and start giving rides, occasionally Lyft will present you with unique promotions that add more potential money on your weekly payouts! The bonus promotional amounts vary depending on the forecast of rider demand. Driver promotions are one of the best-kept secrets in this industry, so be on the lookout for them and other Lyft promo codes!

What does a typical day as a Lyft driver look like? The number of rides, ride requirement, etc.

The most amazing part about this program is that YOU are the one who decides your own working hours. You are literally and figuratively in the driver’s seat. For instance, you can finally wake up in leisure, sleep in even! You can even sit down and enjoy a nice peaceful breakfast, catching up on the current events in the news while you do, and then get ready to work. Now take your time and check the cleanliness of your vehicle. If and when you are satisfied with how you present yourself and your car, you hop into “your office”. You start the Lyft Driver App and wait for the rider requests to come in. Within minutes (sometimes seconds), you are notified of your first pickup and then you head over to the location to where he/she/they await.

Your client is greeted by your dashing smile. They are now enveloped by a very relaxing atmosphere and calming music. Before your client knows it, they have arrived at their destination, and you are left not only with a handsome tip but a raving review. Positive reviews increase your reputation and that generates more amazing clients for you to take care of. After several hours have passed, or when you are content with how much that you’ve earned for the day, you can simply close your app and start to enjoy your own time.

PRO TIP: The energy you give off is the energy you get back – always remember that.

This is the typical day you can expect to experience when driving for Lyft.  Since you are in complete control of your schedule, you’ll never miss another movie date with your loved ones, friends, or family. In fact, you won’t miss any other events unless you decide to work! No one is knocking on your door asking you to sit in a cubicle and stack papers on your desk. Thanks to Lyft’s advanced technology for their drivers, you can finally be a free individual to live your life as it was meant to be all along – exactly like you want to.

Awesome video from RideShare Hub!

Top items to have as a Lyft driver

Riders LOVE IT when you offer them amenities. This is a very very small investment to show your riders you care about the little things. It is comforting and encourages happiness and positive rides! Start off by asking them if they like music or not. Also, see if the air conditioning (or heat) is to their liking. We all have different needs, and we should all be catered to differently. You can be the hero of the day by offering them a piece of gum.

To be a hero, you will want to add these additional tips and tricks up your sleeve!

  1. Phone chargers for both Apple and Android devices (this is one of the simplest things that you can do to ensure that a nice glowing review and gratuity makes its way to you).
  2. Breath mints and gum (Imagine you went on a date and forgot your gum! This small inexpensive gesture could potentially mean the WORLD to your rider)
  3. Small water bottles (You want to have small waters in your trunk, for when riders get thirsty/dehydrated on longer trips or if they’re coming home from a night out on the town)

Busy individuals that are on-the-go usually forget to hydrate, but thanks to you they will feel great and will feel encouraged to showcase their appreciation through reviews and tips. As for the breath mints, well it goes without saying that you will have saved the countless potentially unfortunate moments. Phone chargers will ensure that you keep their devices fully powered.

There you have it, congratulations! You are now a certified Rockstar Lyft Driver! If you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer! Thanks everyone, and have a wonderful rest of your day or night.

How to become a Lyft Driver
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