Driving Lyft

Best Lyft Driver Code: HAMZA66064
Sign up here. Best Lyft Driver Code: HAMZA66064

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Lyft Sign Up Bonus Los Angeles + Elsewhere

Simply fill out this form for the Lyft sign up bonus in Los Angeles and elsewhere! The sooner you sign up, the quicker Lyft begins the background check (3-10 business days), the quicker you’ll get your Lyft Referral Bonus. While that’s starting you can get your mentor session started.

Here’s a tip!  Customer service isn’t that great for Lyft (or Uber). They have a lot of automated emails that can make getting an ACTUAL answer pretty dang tough. You have to understand that Ridesharing is relatively new and the law is still catching up. In the meantime, there is a lot of “walking on eggshells” in terms of what Lyft/Uber can and can’t say or do. Send them a message directly by clicking here.

Driving Lyft, How much money do I get from the Lyft Sign up Bonus?

The Lyft driver bonus depends on the city you sign up in! If you click here, you’ll see exactly what that amount is for your city.

Here’s a tip! It’s best to stay on top of your vehicle documents/condition and your background check records so you don’t have to contact support too often.

Remember to sign up with a referral link at Sign Up to get your Lyft driver bonus!

Once you sign up and start driving Lyft, you cannot go back and add a Lyft referral bonus. With this in mind, make sure and remember to either sign up with a referral link like mine or enter the relevant Lyft driver sign up bonus code (HAMZA66064) when signing up. If you miss entering the code or using a referral link, you lose out on that Lyft driver bonus. Once you’re an active Lyft driver, you’ll get your own referral code and URL which you can use to give people so they can also receive the Lyft driver sign up bonus.

Here’s a tip! Make sure and enter your Lyft referral bonus code when you Sign Up driving Lyft or you will not get a Lyft sign up bonus!

Lyft Document Requirements

  1. Vehicle inspection form
  2. In-state driver’s license
  3. In-state vehicle insurance with your name on the policy
  4. In-state license plate
  5. Current registration (commercial plates are fine)
  6. Driver photo (say cheese!)

Lyft Driver Requirements

  1. You must be at least 21 years old
  2. Own a current smartphone: iPhone 4s or newer running iOS 7+, Android devices running 4.0+
  3. Must have one full year of US driving experience
  4. Pass a state and federal background check (criminal history and motor vehicle records)
  5. Complete a Mentor Session

Lyft Car Requirements

  1. 4-door car that is year 2005 or newer
    • Exceptions:
      • Austin: 2005+
      • Atlanta: 2009+
      • Washington, D.C.: 2007+
      • Kentucky: 2008+
      • Las Vegas: 2010+
      • Miami: 2008+
      • Minneapolis or St. Paul: 2008+
      • New Orleans: 2010+
      • Pennsylvania: 2008+
      • Portland: 2008+
      • Seattle: 2008+
  2. At least 5 total seat belts (including the driver)
  3. Clean title, no salvaged vehicles
  4. Comply with any local regulations in your area
  5. Must pass a 19-point safety inspection
    • inspection must be from a licensed mechanic
    • You’ll upload the completed form to your Lyft Dashboard

*Please Note* Once you sign up, Lyft will reach out to you via email and let you know the next step. Keep track of your email inbox you signed up with!

More info on Lyft Driver Bonus

Don’t get me wrong! A Lyft sign up bonus up to $1,000 is definitely awesome. However, being able to make money whenever you want while driving your own car? That is why Lyft drivers are so happy.

As a Lyft driver, my experience with passengers is that they’re generally more friendly, respectful, and appreciative. I like mentioning to riders that they’re more than welcome to sit up front. I don’t really do the ‘fist-bump’ thing because it doesn’t fit my vibe, but I am always down for a high five. When driving Lyft, you’re encouraged to incorporate your own style and touch, whereas Uber feels a bit more strict. This is just my personal opinion, although I do love driving Lyft and Uber! Sometimes I’m in the mood to zone out and keep to myself, and that’s fine too.

Is driving for Lyft better than Uber?

It depends! I hate that answer too, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter which platform you’re using – they’re both great – what matters is the person that gets into your car! There are great people on both sides, and some not-so-great.

For the most part, Driving Lyft is a more relaxed experience where people are generally more open to conversation. Driving Uber has a reputation for being a colder more “A to B service” without much emphasis on the actual trip experience, but that’s not entirely true. Statistically, Lyft does attract a greater percentage of female drivers than Uber. I thought that was pretty interesting!