Lyft Requirements

Lyft Requirements

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Lyft Document Requirements

  1. Vehicle inspection form
  2. In-state driver's license
  3. In-state vehicle insurance with your name on the policy
  4. In-state license plate
  5. Current registration (commercial plates are fine)
  6. Driver photo (say cheese!)

Lyft Driver Requirements

  1. You must be at least 21 years old
  2. Own a current smartphone: iPhone 4s or newer running iOS 7+, Android devices running 4.0+
  3. Must have one full year of US driving experience
  4. Pass a state and federal background check (criminal history and motor vehicle records)
  5. Complete a Mentor Session

Lyft Car Requirements

  1. 4-door car that is year 2005 or newer
    • Exceptions:
      • Austin: 2004+
      • Atlanta: 2008+
      • Washington, D.C.: 2006+
      • Kentucky: 2007+
      • Las Vegas: 2009+
      • Miami: 2007+
      • Minneapolis or St. Paul: 2007+
      • New Orleans: 2009+
      • Pennsylvania: 2007+
      • Portland: 2007+
      • Seattle: 2007+
  2. At least 5 total seat belts (including driver)
  3. Clean title, no salvaged vehicles
  4. Comply with any local regulations in your area
  5. Must pass 19-point safety inspection
    • inspection must be from a licensed mechanic
    • You'll upload a the completed form to your Lyft Dashboard

*Please Note* Once you sign up, Lyft will reach out to you via email and let you know the next step. Keep track of your email inbox you signed up with!