Lyft Mentor Session

Steps of the Mentor Session

  1. Prepare your car by cleaning it inside & out!
  2. Schedule a Mentor Session with your Mentor. This is done as part of the end of your sign-up process. A Mentor Session can take up to 45 minutes, so plan accordingly.
  3. A Mentor will be selected and they’ll contact you to confirm.
  4. Meet with your Mentor! They’ll select the time and place and contact you again. Follow your Mentor’s guidance – they’ve been hand-picked by Lyft higher-ups!
  5. Mentor conducts the 19-point vehicle inspection, they’ll take you on a practice run as if a rider were in your car, and they’ll answer any questions you have about how it works.

    Best Lyft Driver Code: HAMZA66064
    Sign up here. Best Lyft Driver Code: HAMZA66064

After you complete your Mentor Session

Once the Mentorship process is completed, Lyft will run your background check. As a reminder, Lyft is very good about contacting you directly through email about the next step, so make sure and check in regularly with your email inbox so you can start making money as quickly as possible! After you’re approved, Lyft will also ship your “Welcome Kit” which includes the Lyft stickers for your front and back windshield.

**Lost in the application process?** Reference your Lyft Dashboard – consider it your home base. Always return there if you get lost.

Remember that the best way to find out if you will pass or not is by SIGNING UP HERE.