How Much Do Uber Drivers Make? Uber Driver Requirements

This article will provide you with everything you need to know to get started driving with Uber! If you meet the requirements, you can put your driving experience to good use by earning money as a full-time job OR part-time job working whenever you want!

When I started this process, I knew literally nothing. At this point, I’ve been driving Uber since 2014 so I feel well equipped to give you all the information you need to sign up and get on the road making money. I’ve got a lot of tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years, so stick with me. I’m here to help!

Picture of Driver Bonus Code Creator and Uber Driver Lauren Murphy! I help show you how to become an Uber Driver and explain all the Uber Driver Requirements and other Uber Requirements along with answering questions such as, "how much do Uber drivers make?"
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First, let me introduce myself! My name is Lauren and I make most of my money now actually referring new drivers. If you don’t know what that is, no worries! It just that I make my money signing up new drivers that are kind enough to use my sign-up link, Depending on what city you’re in, I might receive a little kickback from Uber once you start driving. It helps me keep my boat afloat. Also, you will likely be eligible for a referral bonus up to $1,000! Plus I’m always here to answer questions if you need!! Just ask in the comment section at the bottom of this page 🙂.

Ok so let’s begin!

What is the Uber Driver Pay?

Ask yourself this question, “How much time am I willing to put into researching and preparing for my driving schedule and locations?” If you take just 5 minutes a week and research when and where events/concerts/gatherings are, you’ll make WAY more money than the average Uber Driver. I highly recommend subscribing to a weekly events calendar in your hometown. If you’re on the outskirts of town, plan to drive IN THE NEAREST BIG CITY. A great place to start this research is at

PRO TIP: Plan on being at event locations when they are scheduled to conclude! This has been amazing for me, and I think it may be some of the best advice I can give.

Sometimes you’ll be so dang busy you won’t have a second to spare between taking riders, and in those cases, you can make upwards of $50 – $60/hour. During these times, the amount you make goes up significantly because of something Uber calls “Surge Pricing” or “Dynamic Pricing”.  During Surge, you make more money because there are tons of people requesting rides, but there aren’t enough Uber drivers on the road fulfilling the requests.

Another way of putting it, the supply and demand cause the price to shoot up for riders! You can see this happen often in bad weather,  rush hour, special holidays, special events, or just randomly for no apparent reason it seems lol. We LOVE Surge pricing!

But then there will be other times where there are too many drivers on the road, and you’re parked waiting forever for a trip request. Then once you finally get a request to pick someone up, it’s super short and you only make $5. In these instances, you’ll be stuck making $5/hour. Also, sometimes a trip is so short that the base fare, booking fee, and mileage give Uber more money than you! This doesn’t happen often, but when it does it can be very frustrating. Like any job, there are good days and bad days! As long as you’re resilient and go in knowing this may happen occasionally, you’ll be golden.

With those two extremes out of the way, the average amount you make depends on how smart you are about when you drive and where you locate yourself during your “online” hours. I haven’t made less than $20/hr since I learned these tricks, and some week’s I’ve averaged $35/hour.  That’s way above the national average!

Remember, you are an independent contractor as an Uber Driver. This means you should always keep track of all the money you’ve spent that can be expensed at the end of the year for tax season (and car mileage is a BIG one). Of course, I’m not a tax professional so you’ll want to consult with one, but I was absolutely shocked at how many things I didn’t know I could write off! In summary, I’ve NEVER made below minimum wage, and drivers that report making below minimum wage aren’t being smart about when and where they are driving. I don’t recommend just winging it!

Uber Promotions

Uber has two types of incredible promotions that can significantly increase the amount drivers can earn: Quest and Boost. Depending on the city you drive in, you could qualify for one or both!

Quest is simple: Complete a set number of Uber rides to earn a cash reward amount. This is typically broken down within a week or weekend. (Here’s an example of a Quest: Take 10 trips this weekend and get an extra $75!)

The second promotion type is Boost. During Boost you can earn higher fares during busy hours in specified map zones, displayed on your driver app. Here’s an example of a Boost: If you get a trip in a 2x Boost Zone, then you get double the money you would usually get!)

You will definitely want to stay on Quests and Boosts! They are amazing opportunities once you become an active Uber Driver. They can make the difference between earning $20-25/hr and $30-35/hr!

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List of Uber Requirements

Below you’ll find all of the nitty gritty information you need to know in order to drive with Uber.

Uber Car Requirements

Make sure you can prove the following Uber Vehicle requirements:

  • The car needs to be 15 years old or newer
  • Must be a 4-door vehicle
  • No commercial branding (no huge logos or wraps)
  • Must pass a 19-point vehicle inspection that checks on the functionality and safety of your car.
  • All seat belts must function properly
  • No lights can be out! (even the 3rd brake light or fog lights could fail)
  • Air Conditioning must work (riders appreciate the A/C in your Uber vehicle)
  • If you have a dent bigger than your fist, they MIGHT tell you to fix it. It depends on the inspector.
  • Car Insurance: all Uber drivers must have their own insurance policy in accordance with state and local laws. (don’t worry, Uber provides you their own insurance also!). You can also drive someone else’ car as long as you’re listed as a driver on their insurance policy and can prove that.

PLEASE NOTE: Every state is a little bit different, so check your local Greenlight Location for the complete list.

Uber Driver Requirements

Make sure you can prove the following:

  • Must be 21+ years old to drive people
  • Need to have at least one year of driving history WITH an active US driver’s license (3 years or more if you are under 23 years old!)
  • Must have an active US driver’s license
  • Need Proof of Residency in your city, state, or province (This should be on your driver’s license)
  • Must have Proof of vehicle insurance if you plan to drive your own car. You can also drive someone else’ car as long as you’re listed as a driver on their insurance policy and can prove that.
  • You’ll need to take a driver profile photo (has to be a clear image of your face with no sunglasses or hats). You do this at the Greenlight Location once you get your inspection.
  • Must pass a Background Check: After signing up, it will automatically run for free. During this process, they will review your driving and history in both state and federal records. The best way to find out if you will pass is to sign up and get your free background check!

PLEASE NOTE: Every state is a little bit different, so check your local Greenlight Location for the complete list.

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Thank you guys and gals for checking out my article! I write these because it is rewarding for me to help people like YOU make money out on the road. If you do sign up, I would really appreciate if you did it here! This means you get a nice referral bonus and I might too 😃 It’s how I am able to keep this site afloat and continue helping new drivers each and every day. Have a wonderful rest of your day (or night) and don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any further questions on how to be an Uber Driver!

How to become an Uber Driver

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