Uber & Lyft: 2019 List of the Best Car Phone Mounts and Chargers!

Driving Uber

Driving around with your steering wheel in one hand and your cell phone in the other is NOT a good idea! I’ve ridden in too many Ubers and Lyfts where the drivers have had their phone in a cup-holder or on their lap. This is distracting for the drivers, and it scares me! They’ll sometimes peer away from the road for directions. NO GOOD! NO BUENO!

Also, as a driver, do your rider a favor and TURN OFF the turn-by-turn navigation audio. There’s nothing worse than when the driver’s phone is hooked up through their sound bluetooth system and the riders are then forced to hear every turn-by-turn direction full-blast from some annoying robot voice. GET A GOOD MOUNT! HAHA. These mounts are cheap and will save you many potential low ratings.

Also, safety ALWAYS needs to be your #1 concern. When riders see you holding a phone or turning your head away from the road to check directions, you’re being negligent and putting theirs and your lives at risk.

What mount should I buy?

I use this one ($10). It’s inexpensive and it comes with two! It’s magnetic and sticks on the inside back of your phone case. It doesn’t require any effort on your end to mount like some of these other clanky ones. Make sure and place your mount on your vent or somewhere where you won’t have to turn or look too far to check.

If you aren’t able to use the magnetic one, I like this one ($10) and it suction cup connects to your bottom corner windshield,  that way your directions are perfectly in your line of vision while driving.

What about chargers and aux cable?

You don’t NEED to have chargers, but riders really do appreciate when they can get a charge while riding in your car. Also, an auxiliary cord is great for riders who want to play their music through your speakers. You do not need a nice expensive aux cord, they’re all the same. Just buy the cheapest aux cable you can find – I use this one, make sure it’s the 8ft ($7) since you’ll need to wire it all the way to the backseat.

As for chargers, they have some nice all-in-one charger that can accommodate any rider’s phone – I use this one ($11). They come in a two-pack and work great. They have retractable wires so when you’re not using them, they tidy up nicely!

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  1. Super helpful, thanks! I haven’t had much luck with the vent mounts so I’ve been using the suction cup one and it’s been working great.

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