Uber and Lyft Vehicle Inspection for 2019: What you need to know!

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Driving Uber and Lyft requires that you complete a vehicle inspection once every year OR 50,000 miles – whichever comes first. This vehicle inspection is free for Uber at their Greenlight Locations.

PRO TIP: Lyft will accept Uber’s inspection form! The Lyft inspection isn’t free, so why pay for it!?

The Uber inspection will only take around 15-20 minutes. Recently, a lot of the Greenlight locations have begun doing the inspections electronically through iPads. If this is the case when you arrive, make sure and tell the Uber experts and mechanics that you’d like them to do the inspection on the form that you printed out. After that, once they upload the form, you’ll take a picture of it on your camera phone and upload that form to Lyft’s driver dashboard. In the end, this will save you the $20-35 dollars, which is what most auto mechanics will charge you to complete the Lyft inspection.

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Quick links:
1. Uber vehicle inspection form
2. Lyft vehicle inspection form

What do you need to know about the inspection itself?

Ultimately, It’s a 19-point safety inspection that covers only the functionality and safety of the car. Do not worry if your car isn’t clean, or if you left a child safety seat in the back. The experts and mechanics do not care if your car is cluttered or dirty, they’re only checking for the functionality and safety!

Here are the 10 most common Uber and Lyft vehicle inspection FAILS:

  1. 3rd brake light out (the one in the middle in the back that you forgot about)
  2. Expired registration tags
  3. Bald tire(s)
  4. Cracked windshield
  5. Windows not functioning properly
  6. Non-functioning seat belts
  7. Front/back bumper is loose
  8. If the vehicle is two-tone (two different main paint colors)
  9. If the front or back windshield wipers need to be replaced
  10. Bright yellow cars (as to distinguish branding taxi industry)