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Hi I'm lauren and I'm the creator of Driver Bonus Code! First of all I'm currently an active Uber and Lyft driver in Los Angeles, CA. During my sign-up process I hit every speed bump you can hit - from background check issues, failed car inspection, document trouble, you name it.

As a result I've created Driver Bonus Code to serve as a helpful resource for those of you interested in joining me on the road, making money driving Uber and Lyft on your own time! Finally, my goal is to make this process as simple and easy as possible for you.

Also, no matter where you are in your level of interest in driving Uber and Lyft, the first step is always the same - sign up! The most time intensive part is the background check (3-10 business days).  Therefore signing up will start that potentially long process.

Feel free to reach out to email me directly on the contact page if you have any questions!

Want to contact Uber directly? submit a ticket
Want to contact Lyft directly? submit a ticket

Driving Uber and Lyft: Retroactive Referrals

Retroactive Uber Referrals

Already signed up for Uber without a code? You're allowed you to add a referral code retroactively, as long as you have not been active over 2 weeks. Even if you signed up a year ago but never actually started driving Uber, you’re still eligible! You can add the code three different ways:

  1. Add code through the App: Click here for a step by step picture guide on how to add through the Uber Driver App.
    SUMMARY: Go to Account > Help > Payments and Rewards > Driver Referrals > Report a missing driver referral. They will ask for my Uber information:

    • Name: Lauren Murphy
      Uber email: tiffanymurphy703@gmail.com
      Uber phone number: 337-280-0508
    • Add code online: You can submit a support ticket and let Uber know you signed up but “forgot to enter my code (16sx7tuwh) and want to confirm the bonus.”
    • Visit a Greenlight Location near you: Uber Experts can manually add the referral within 15 days of becoming active. After that, they won’t be able to help you. They’ll likely ask you for my Uber contact information.

    Lyft retroactive referral bonus?

    Unfortunately there is no way to retroactively add a referrer with Lyft once you've already signed up. You need to make sure when you sign up that you're using a referral code or referral link. My Lyft code is TIFFANY093028.

    *If you get lost in the process, feel free to contact me for any questions*